Specialist Finishes

The Precious Metals portfolio of finishes

The Precious Metals portfolio of finishes

Precious Metals offers sprayable metal coatings consisting of 95% metal powders. A mixture of metal powder and binder/hardener results in a cold liquid metal that can be cast or sprayed onto virtually any surface.

After the drying process the surfaces show similar properties to cast metal, which is not surprising – as it is real metal!

The coating is long-lasting and resistant to strain, just like the real thing.

Our Finishes

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Aluminium Structure
Iron Rusty Patinated
Stainless Steel Brushed
Bronze Black Patinated
Copper Satin Polished
Copper Green Polished
Zinc Satin Polished
Nickel Silver Polished
Reflex 501 Satin Polished
Tin Structured & Satin Polished
Corten Steel

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